Character Bios

Once upon a time, in the land of Meriddia, the handsome Prince Reign is forced to flee his homeland. Hunted by an evil empire, and captured by goblins, Reign now must entrust his life to a notorious rogue...

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Age: 17
Species: Human
Birthplace: Razardia
Occupation: Prince

Reign was always better with a sword than with diplomacy and other princely duties, so it's just as well that his older brother Laird ascended the throne. However, Laird was always suspicious that Reign might take it from him and so Reign flees the capitol, Razard, before his brother can act on his suspicions. Treated as a traitor to the throne by his paranoid brother, Reign must hide from all those that would exploit him for his bounty or the throne, most of all greedy goblins that will do anything for a reward. Reign is not sure that Hawk's intentions are pure when she rescues him from being captured by goblins but he has no choice but to trust her until they reach his destination- she made sure of that with a curse that prevents him from leaving her side. Reign never asked to be royalty, but with Laird becoming more and more paranoid and manipulated by the evil Zilck, Reign may be the only one that can save Razard from his tyranny.

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Age: 19
Species: Human
Birthplace: Neverpeak
Occupation: Rogue/Member of the Order of the Owl

We know very little about this rogue member of the order or what her motives are with the prince, Reign. We know that she is looking to find her mentor and friend in the Order, Zilck, who she believes survived the massacre of sorcerers in Razard when the order was destroyed. With only a few members remaining of a group that once had great power in Razard, Hawk because very secretive about her affiliation with the Order of the Owl and her magical abilities. She rescues the prince, Reign, from the goblins knowing who he is, with the hope that he may have the power to help the Order rise once again.


Age: ???
Species: Bicentaur
Birthplace: Grasslands of Razardia
Occupation: Mercenary Swordsman

Nodin is a stoic mercenary swordsman who is friends with Hawk. He is working with Hawk to take revenge for his tribe of Bicentaurs, that were slaughtered in the massacre of the Order. The Bicentaurs were allied with the Order of the Owl and when the Razardians attacked, he is the only one that survived from his tribe. He has memories of the attack where the attackers, once killed, rose again, and again, and would not be destroyed. Bicentaurs live in warrior tribes with a deep connection with nature and a long tradition in the art of the sword. They are extremely powerful and Nodin still barely believes in his eyes that saw the undead monsters that slaughtered his people. Any tribes or Bicentaurs that still exist have fled to the east continent; There, Nodin hopes to meet with them and rally the scattered forces of both the Bicentaurs and the Order of the Owl to destroy King Laird. Nodin knows his friend Hawk also lost her tribe, and he feels deeply connected to her as one that understands his quest for revenge.

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Age: 26
Species: Human
Birthplace: Razardia
Occupation: Advisor to the King/Member of the Order of the Owl

A former member of the order under the tutelage of Gregor, Zilck is the current advisor to King Laird. Ever since the Order was destroyed, his protegee in the Order, Hawk, has been desperately trying to find him, but Zilck has been trying to stay out of the public eye and rarely ever leaves the safety of castle Razard. It is not widely known in the kingdom that King Laird holds him in such high council, and even lesser known that Zilck used to be a member of the Order and was a magical prodigy. Nearly no one knows Zilck had a sister who died in a tragic accident while he was in the Order. Because of his air of mystery, some speculate that he is a demon and there are rumors he practices that dark art of Necromancy.

King Laird

Age: 27
Species: Human
Birthplace: Razard
Occupation: King of Razardia

As the King, a lot of responsibility rests on his shoulders. He has never been close with his younger brother, Reign. When their father was killed and Laird became king, he lost his mind trying to avenge his father. He killed innocent people and raised the Order to the ground in the name of justice. Aanyone who knew Laird as a child will say that Zilck is the reason for his tyrannical rule over the kingdom Razardia, although they cannot prove it. When the whispers of objection to his rule grew loud, Laird started to believe that everyone was trying to overthrow him. He terrorized his brother, accusing him of treason he never committed. Eventually it became too much and he scared his brother to run away, leading him to order that Reign be wanted throughout Razardia: 1000 gold for his capture-dead or alive.


Age: 41
Species: Human
Birthplace: Razardia
Occupation: Magic Teacher/Member of the Order of the Owl

Gregor is mentor to both Hawk and Zilck and one of the most active surviving members of the Order of the Owl. He has many unresolved emotions about what happened when King Laird ordered the destruction of the Order. Gregor has always suspected that Zilck had a hand in the massacre because Zilck blamed the Order for the death of his sister. As his mentor, Gregor tried to stop Zilck from dealing with the dark magical arts, but to no avail. Gregor knows in his heart that he is responsible for some of the terrible things that have happened in Razard in recent years because he could not control his pupil and that he alone carries the burden of confronting Zilck to stop him once and for all.

Supporting Characters:


Goblins are an odd race in Razard; some goblins work and live around humans while others work in rogue troupes of bandits, rebels and enemies to the throne. All goblins are extremely greedy and will do anything for a reward. Magic abilities also come naturally to them and are part of their culture and heritage. Humans only recently learned how to use magic by stealing the secrets the goblins. Goblins largely blame humans for the misuse and corruption of present day magic and hold their magical secrets close.

The Crow

Crows do not normally talk or make assertions that they are ravens, but this one does. He finds our heroes and inexplicably knows who they are and is trying in his own confused way to 'help' them on their journey out of Razard. We are also unsure why this crow talks, but with magic in the air, anything is possible.

Mysterious Girl

A mysterious girl with the face of Zilck's deceased sister, Wren, is sometimes spotted in the dark and vacant halls of the old castle Razard. With her face pale as death and eyes dark as night, servants and members of the court rumor this apparition is a ghost from the past. Zilck and his first-in-command, Giorgio, alone know that she exists in the flesh.


Zilck's first-in-command for his dirty work, and a member of the King's council, Giorgio hides behind those in power to justify his actions of questionable morality. He used to be a great war hero for the previous king, but his status and history of loyalty to the throne has led him to do many things for Zilck that pass as for the greater good of the kingdom. Someday Giorgio will have to face the reality of the atrocities he has committed and atone for what he has done.