06 Sep 2014 03:21 am

Ch 6. Page 1 In the Shadow of the Castle

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06 Sep 2014 03:34 am

After much delay, we have returned. It's the artist Sarah's last semester of graduate college, so uploads will be a bit slow. Our apologies!

21 Sep 2014 06:04 am


06 Sep 2014 07:29 am

Uhhhh this is such a great thing to discover after waking up on a Saturday!

Wish you the best of luck with your graduation and the comic Sarah!

07 Sep 2014 04:44 pm

@Kyulein: Thanks a bunch! :) ~Sarah

18 Sep 2014 04:13 pm

I simply have to post another comment, because of the new site design!
It looks really good! Nice job^^

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